Fighting Fraud

Workers’ Compensation Fraud Hurts All Policyholders

Virtually all of the employee workers’ compensation claims filed in Rhode Island are legitimate on-the-job injuries. Unfortunately, those few who cheat the system by committing fraud drive up costs for employers, consumers, and insurers.
Likewise, virtually all employers report all payroll to determine their premium. However, those few who intentionally understate payroll and misclassify employees are committing a crime and increasing the cost to all other employers. At Beacon Mutual, we have zero tolerance for fraud. We take workers’ compensation fraud seriously, and we are committed to being part of the solution.

Take Action and Help Fight Fraud

To report suspected fraud, provide as much information as possible including:
  • Name and address of the employee (injured worker) or employer you wish to report
  • Reasons you suspect workers’ compensation fraud
  • Optionally, include your contact information or select to remain anonymous on the Beacon Fraud form.
If you suspect fraud, please call Beacon’s toll-free number at 1-888-886-4450 to report it, or you can also call the State of Rhode Island's Fraud and Compliance Unit directly by dialing 401-462-8110 (option #7 on the menu). If you would like to report suspicion of fraud online: Click here to fill out the Beacon Fraud Form

Help Lower Your Premium and Eliminate Workers’ Compensation Fraud in Rhode Island.