Report Fraud


Fighting Fraud

Workers’ compensation insurance fraud impacts everyone. From the small-business owner struggling to pay higher premiums to the average consumer paying higher prices because businesses are forced to pass on the costs.  
Beacon Mutual’s Claim Department provides assistance in reviewing situations where potential fraud has been identified. In order to recognize alleged fraud, Beacon employs a thorough investigation procedure utilizing specialists in several departments including Claim, Loss Prevention, Premium Audit and Underwriting.
An example of fraud includes one in which an injured employee is working while simultaneously collecting workers' compensation benefits and not reporting their earnings. Another example of a potential fraud situation is one in which the employer intentionally misclassifies their employees under incorrect class codes.
Cases that meet the criteria for fraud are referred to the RI Workers' Compensation Fraud Prevention and Compliance Unit. This state fraud unit will then decide whether a referral to the Rhode Island Attorney General's office is warranted for possible criminal prosecution.
If you suspect fraud, please call Beacon’s toll-free number at 1-888-886-4450 to report it. You can also call the State of Rhode Island's Fraud and Compliance Unit directly by dialing 401-462-8110 (option #7 on the menu).
If you wish to report a suspicion of fraud to Beacon online, click here to fill out the Fraud Form. If you wish to remain anonymous, inclusion of your name is optional on the form.