All Beacon’s Safety Seminars are free to policyholders.

This course is designed to assist safety committee members to:

  • Increase and maintain the interest of employees in health and safety issues
  • Convince employees through awareness and training activities that they are primarily responsible for the prevention of workplace accidents
  • Make health and safety activities an integral part of the organization’s operating procedures, culture, and programs
  • Provide an opportunity for the free discussion of health and safety problems, and possible solutions
  • Inform and educate employees and supervisors about health and safety issues, new standards, research findings, etc.
  • Help reduce the risk of workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Help insure compliance with federal and state health and safety standards

This course is designed for company owners, safety and risk managers, human resource managers, supervisors or any other employee who is charged with developing or improving a safety committee.

Some of the topics that are covered include:

  • Develop a written mission statement
  • Clearly define the duties and responsibilities of members
  • Identify and prioritize goals and establish action plans to achieve each goal
  • Choosing representation from different levels and areas of the organization
  • Determine meeting frequency

The course is taught through the use of slides and reading material, lecture and videos. Attendees will also be provided sample material for use at their meetings.