Company Leadership


Board of Directors

Raymond C. Coia, Chairperson
H. Robert Bacon, Vice Chairperson
Robert A. Walsh, Jr., Secretary
Brian J. Spero, Esq., President & CEO
Bradford A. Dean
Steven J. Issa
Kate Coyne McCoy
Linda D'Amario Rossi
Myrth York

Executive Leaders

Brian J. Spero, Esq., President & CEO
Rajani Mahadevan, Executive Vice President & COO
Cynthia Lawlor, CFO
Amy C. Vitale, Vice President & General Counsel
Robert DeOrsey, Vice President of Underwriting
Timothy Benson, Vice President of Claims
Pam Alarie, Vice President of Human Resources
James W. Moody, Vice President of Information Systems
Michael D. Lynch, Esq., Vice President of Claims Legal