We’re serious about safety.

As a leader in workplace safety and ergonomics, Beacon Mutual understands how just one musculoskeletal injury could negatively impact the bottom line of your business.

We offer a full menu of ergonomic services – performed by trained and certified ergonomists – to meet the needs of Rhode Island companies from small to large. These services are provided to policyholders at no additional cost.

Ergonomic services include the following programs, as well as other programs based on your company’s specific needs.

Specific Workstation Job Analysis

This analysis identifies the risk factors for musculoskeletal injury associated with a particular workstation or job. After the analysis, any concerns are addressed in an ergonomic report.

Healthy Back Training Class

Specific job tasks performed by the class attendees are discussed as well as proper lifting and stretching techniques, and what happens to the back in awkward postures, after forceful exertions, or from poor lifting techniques.

Stretch for Safety Program

An Ergonomic Specialist will establish this program by providing employees with baseline flexibility testing and instruction in daily five-minute stretch routines. The program includes periodic monitoring of the program and follow-up flexibility testing. An aging and out-of-shape workforce is a key driver of high workers’ compensation and healthcare costs. Integrating physical conditioning and health activities into a daily safety program can help reverse this trend.

Caregiver Training Program (90 minutes)

Two 45-minute modules, the Body Mechanics Module and the Self Protecting Module comprise this training at a healthcare facility. Caregivers in behavioral healthcare, social services or related fields, encounter unique challenges including patient transfers, and combative clients or residents. The goal of this program is to increase employee awareness about direct care, potential ergonomic hazards, and the controls to help minimize risks.

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DISCLAIMER: This material is being provided to you as a service of The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company for informational purposes only and is not intended, nor should it be relied upon, as a comprehensive statement of all possible work-related hazards to your employees or of the federal, state or local laws and regulations which may be applicable to your business. Any premises inspections made by Beacon representatives are completed without representation or warranty as to the utility or completeness of such inspections. Suggestions regarding the use of a particular product or safety technique are not an endorsement of the product or technique. It is your responsibility to develop and implement your loss prevention policies. You should direct questions concerning specific situations to informed and appropriate advisors.