As the State of Rhode Island’s leading workers’ compensation carrier, Beacon is dedicated to promoting and supporting the highest quality medical care available. Our team works closely with the state’s medical providers to deliver the appropriate care to injured workers.

Medical Billing

Your medical bills are reviewed and audited by Mitchell International, a leader in the medical bill review field. Our streamlined workflows ensure accurate and timely payments for our providers, and our policyholders. Mitchell bill review specialists review bills in accordance with the state fee schedule and its rules and guidelines.

Contact Mitchell International at 1-800-732-0153 with questions on payment status.

Paper bills should be mailed to:

Mitchell International Paper Billing
Mailstop WCS BMIC 135801
P.O. Box 297
Clinton, IA 52733-2974

Referrals & Authorizations

Providers should fax their treatment request to 401-825-2854.
The Utilization Management Unit can also be reached by phone at 401-825-2989

Beacon has an approved Preferred Provider Network (PPN) comprised of participating physicians and other health care providers experienced in treating work related injuries. If you would like assistance with the referral process, please contact the claim representative at 401-825-2667.

Related Documents

Title Description
Affidavit of Healthcare Professional

State mandated form to be completed at 6 weeks, then every 12 weeks.

Affidavit of Physician

State mandated form to be completed at 6 weeks, then every 12 weeks.

Notification of Compensable Injury

State form to be completed within 3 days of the initial visit.

Rehab Request for Authorization for Treatment - MAB06

State mandated form to be completed when requesting additional PT/OT services.

Arrigan Rehabilitation Referral Form

Referral form to be used when requesting multidisciplinary rehabilitation services.

Become a Preferred Network Medical Provider

The providers in Beacon’s Preferred Provider Network (PPN) have demonstrated experience treating work-related injuries within the Rhode Island workers’ compensation system. In addition to exceptional and expedient care of injured workers, a Beacon PPN medical provider communicates with us as we work collaboratively to help injured workers rehabilitate to ensure a safe return to work. This could mean reviewing and commenting on job descriptions, routinely commenting on the worker’s functional capabilities in treatment notes, and distinguishing which injuries are related to work.

For further information, please Contact Us or call 401-825-2667 and ask to speak to someone who can help you become a Beacon PPN provider.

Rhode Island Medical Advisory Board

The Rhode Island Medical Advisory Board (MAB) establishes protocols as guidelines for the treatment of work-related injuries. Medical services are reimbursed in accordance with the State of RI Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedule published by Rising Medical Solutions.

Medical Advisory Board Protocols

Fee Schedule