Our Team

Dedicated to our mission and committed to our values and guiding principles, our employees drive toward excellence in everything we do.

"Although I've only been with Beacon for a little over five years, I quickly realized I was working for a great company.  Just as Beacon's customers are a priority, so are its employees. Beacon also exemplifies its PRIDE values and holds us accountable to these values which create a collaborative and professional work environment.  I am proud of the company's achievements and how we are always trying to offer more to our customers. I also really enjoy working with both management and staff -- and although we all work very hard, we also have a lot of fun!"

                                                                                                              Julie, Underwriting, Loss Prevention
                                                                                                                  and Premium Audit Department

"The Beacon Mutual family has been part of my life now for 10 years.  As part of the team, I have been given access to outstanding training programs and have been allowed to use my technical and customer service skills to further my career.  My manager is eager to see me grow in my position and to give me all the opportunities and tools needed to make that happen.  The family atmosphere here is beyond anything I have seen over the course of my working years.  Beacon supports all facets of my working life as well as my family life and I am thankful for that."

                                                                                                              Mark, Claims Department

"From day one I could tell Beacon Mutual was not like any other company I’ve worked for.  The great atmosphere and positive attitude of everyone in the company is apparent from the moment you walk in.  I’ve been with the company for just under a year and during the time I’ve learned so much from my manager and coworkers.  Beacon is truly a great place to work."

                                                                                                              Paul, Information Systems