Disfigurement Claims

Definition, Entitlement, Compensation

Disfigurement (Scar) Claims

Under the Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Law, employees who sustain disfigurement as a result of a work-related injury are entitled to a monetary compensation.  This disfigurement has to be considered permanent in nature.  To have this benefit addressed, the employee would meet with the claim representative to view the disfigurement.  This meeting is usually arranged at least six (6) months (earliest) to one (1) year after the injury or most recent surgery.  The treating physician must advise that the disfigurement has reached an “end result.”  Factors to consider when evaluating the disfigurement include size, color, location, texture and appearance.  Both the employee and the claim representative need to sign a form called the Report of Specific Payment.  This form is then filed with the Department of Labor and Training.  The rate at which the employee is compensated is determined by dividing the employee’s Average Weekly Wage into half.  This number can be no less than $45/week and no more than $90/week.  This monetary compensation is a one-time payment, issued within fourteen (14) days of the agreement.