Ergonomics Site Visit

Ergonomics Site Visits can assist in RTW efforts

Ergonomic Site Visit Assists in RTW Effort

What is ergonomics, what is an ergonomic site visit and how can it help an injured employee?  Ergonomics is the study of work.  An ergonomic site visit is an analysis of the injured employee’s functional job tasks to identify:

  • The functional demands of the job as it relates to an employee’s injury (diagnosis)
  • To identify ergonomic issues and offer recommendations to address issues identified
  • To identify potential modified duty options  
  • To help return the injured employee to productive employment 

The visit will take place at the employee’s place of employment.  The injured employee will be invited to attend if they are currently out of work.  The visit will consist of the following:

  • Observing the injured employee (or co-workers if the injured employee is not working) perform the tasks of the job
  • The ergonomic consultant will take measurements and weights of items the worker is handling, lifting, pushing/pulling, etc. 
  • Pictures will be taken of the worker performing the job tasks, their workstation, tools and any other equipment that is used.

The ergonomic consultant provides this information to the employer and medical providers. A report will be generated that will contain administrative or engineering recommendations to the employer and employee.  Implementing the recommendations may increase the success of the injured employee’s return to work.  

During the visit or upon the employee’s return to work the ergonomic consultant will educate the employee on safe and favorable work postures to help them maintain productive employment while minimizing risk of injury.