We’re serious about safety. Beacon provides over 150 resources that you can download or request from our loss prevention team. The safety materials cover a wide range of industries and workplace environments.

Title Description
15 Passenger Van

Learn how to protect drivers and passengers with useful proactive and defensive driving tips

3 Second Driving Rule

Learn how to protect drivers and passengers with useful proactive and defensive driving tips.

Abrasive Wheel Grinder

OSHA regulations require specific guarding safety precautions for abrasive wheel grinders. These requirements address the specific hazards for this equipment.

Accident Investigation

This program is designed for employees who investigate workplace accidents – supervisors, employees in line management and safety committee members. Ten step method for accident investigation procedures.

Aerial Bucket Lifts

Employees should know how to inspect their aerial lifts and know how to recognize structural or mechanical defects. When used properly, these vehicles can be a valuable labor saver. If misused, the results can be catastrophic.

Beat the Heat

Avoid the dangers of summer heat by following the prevention tips and learning the signs of heat stress.

Beyond the Harness

Prior to the start of construction, company designee must assess the workplace areas/activities. Average workers’ comp claim for falls is $20,438 and there have been over 900 incidences in the past four year in RI.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne pathogens (BBP) cause illness and death. Lower your risk of exposure by following these tips to protect yourself.

DISCLAIMER: This material is being provided to you as a service of The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company for informational purposes only and is not intended, nor should it be relied upon, as a comprehensive statement of all possible work-related hazards to your employees or of the federal, state or local laws and regulations which may be applicable to your business. Any premises inspections made by Beacon representatives are completed without representation or warranty as to the utility or completeness of such inspections. Suggestions regarding the use of a particular product or safety technique are not an endorsement of the product or technique. It is your responsibility to develop and implement your loss prevention policies. You should direct questions concerning specific situations to informed and appropriate advisors.