We encourage you to attend this valuable seminar to get a clear picture of how controlling losses, managing claims and helping injured workers return to work safely and promptly is good business sense and can have a positive impact on your operations.

Topics include:

  • Underwriting: Factors involved in pricing your insurance and what you can do to lower your insurance costs
  • Premium Audit: Why a premium audit is performed and what records are used
  • Loss Prevention: See how establishing positive safety attitudes and policies in your company can help reduce all types of on-the-job injuries
  • Ergonomics: Learn how proper workstation design and proper lifting techniques are important to your business and to help prevent work related injuries
  • Claim Management: Learn how you can both help your employees and minimize losses after an injury occurs.

Attendees should include: company owners, human resource staff and/or workers’ compensation coordinators, managers, supervisors, or anyone within your business that is responsible for managing workers’ compensation activities. This seminar is taught through lecture with representatives from each area mentioned.

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