Preferred Provider Network for State of Rhode Island Employees

The State of Rhode Island has selected the Beacon Mutual Insurance Company as the Third Party Administrator (TPA) of its workers’ compensation program. Beacon Mutual has an approved Preferred Provider Network (PPN) comprised of physicians and other health care providers who are experienced in the care and treatment of work related injuries.

After an injury, see a doctor to receive the appropriate treatment. You have the right to be seen by any doctor immediately. If you choose to switch to a new doctor, you must select a doctor within Beacon Mutual’s PPN. These doctors will provide you with the appropriate treatment and follow-up care. If you switch to a doctor outside the PPN, your treatment may not be covered.

Beacon’s Preferred Provider Network directory is arranged by specialty to help you find a physician or healthcare provider. If you would like assistance selecting a physician or health care provider best suited to treat your work-related injury, please Contact Us or call 401-825-2667 to speak with your claim representative at Beacon Mutual.

Click below to download the PPN directory for the State of Rhode Island employees.