Report an Injury

As an employer, you are required to report any and all injuries to your workers' compensation carrier as mandated by the State of Rhode Island (Compliance Information). By law, the report shall be made within 10 days after the injury, or, if the incapacity is due to an occupational disease, then within 10 days after the incapacity is known to the employer. In the case of an immediate fatality, the report shall be made within 48 hours after it occurs or becomes known to the employer. 
There are several methods for reporting an injury:
  • Report an Injury Online
  • Report By Phone
  • Report by Email, Fax, or by Mail

Report an Injury Online 

Online Claim Reporting - First Notice of Loss (FNOL)

The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company provides you with the ability to report your claims online 24/7, when it is convenient for you. By reporting online, you will receive an immediate confirmation with the claim number and the claim representative’s name, phone number and email address.

Policyholders must log into BEACONNECT to report an injury online:
By using this online service, Beacon will automatically file the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) with the Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training and will send a copy to your agent.
Please have the following information readily available when reporting a claim:   
  • Employer’s name, address, phone and policy number

  • For the injured worker

    • SSN#
    • Name (as it appears on the injured worker’s social security card)
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Date of birth
    • Occupation and date of hire
    • Date of injury 
    • Nature of injury and body parts

Report by Phone

Beacon Mutual has 24/7 toll-free claim reporting capabilities. Call 1-888-886-4450 to report an injury directly to a Beacon representative. If your call is made during regular business hours (7:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), you will immediately be provided with the claim number.  Beacon will send the First Report of Injury to you, the Department of Labor and your agent. 

Report by Email, Fax or Mail

Click here to access the First Report of Injury (PDF form). Please fill out this form in its entirety.
Email us a copy of the form to:    
Or, mail the form to Beacon Mutual at this address:
The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company
Attention: Claims Department
One Beacon Centre
Warwick, RI 02886 
Or, fax the form to the Beacon Mutual Claims Department at:  401-825-2882
The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company will create a claim, assign a claim number, and will report the claim to the Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training.