Behavioral safety is the systematic application of psychological research on human behavior to the problems of safety in the workplace. Studies indicate that 96 percent of all workplace accidents are triggered by unsafe behavior. This class provides an overview of Behavioral Based Safety, including examples from Dr. Gellar and DuPont’s STOP program. Participants will receive tips on how to train supervisors on identifying behavior issues and ways to address these issues that will reverse the poor behavior.

A Good Behavior-Based Safety Program will:

  • Reduce Accidents, Near Misses, and Property Damage
  • Improve Quality
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Maintain a Healthier Work Force
  • Decrease Injury & Illness Rates
  • Improve Workers’ Feelings About Their Work
  • Elevate Safety to a Higher Level of Awareness

This seminar is for company owners, safety managers, risk managers, facility managers and anyone who is responsible for providing a safe work place for all its employees.

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