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Did you know that a First Report of Injury must be filed with the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training on all work related injuries regardless of severity or disability?

This seminar will provide you with a general knowledge of the R.I. Workers’ Compensation system and a better understanding of how you, as the employer, play a critical role in assisting in the management of your workers’ compensation claims. We will let you know about specific services available when a claim is made, such as ergonomic intervention, nurse case management and vocational rehabilitation. Your participation in the claims management process is vital in helping to reduce the cost of claims, avoid litigation, and provide the necessary care and incentives to the injured employee to enable them to return to work as quickly and safely as possible.

This seminar will cover many aspects of the claims management process, including:

  • Employer Responsibilities
  • How a claim reserve is determined
  • What benefits are available to the injured worker
  • The Right to Reinstatement Law
  • The advantages of modified/transitional duty
  • Fraud

This seminar is presented in a lecture format with supporting slides, photographs and videos. Participation is strongly encouraged and enhances the learning opportunity for all attendees. It is intended for company owners, human resource staff and/or workers’ compensation coordinators, managers, supervisors or anyone within your business that is responsible for managing workplace injuries.

Attendees can include employees and managers who are involved with helping claimants.

Webinars are open to the public.

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