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Beacon offers the National Safety Council’s Lift Truck Operator Training program which is a comprehensive course designed for both new and experienced forklift operators. For experienced operators, this course helps fine-tune their operating skills and refreshes their understanding of safe operating procedures. Less experienced operators benefit both from the material presented in the class and from the shared experiences of fellow operators in attendance.

Utilizing the highly acclaimed “Coaching” method of non-lecture teaching, this information-packed classroom course encourages participants to observe, analyze, and discuss recommended safety practices. The modules covered in this course include:

  • Pre-start Safety Inspection
  • Design Considerations
  • Picking Up the Load
  • Moving the Truck
  • Setting Down the Load

Completion of practical evaluations is necessary to obtain a training certificate to fulfill the OSHA requirement. Each company must contract with an outside vendor to conduct practical training (demonstration and practical exercises) which will include an evaluation of operator performance in the workplace.