The Beacon Mutual’s Office Ergonomics course was developed in response to the rapid changes in office technology including furniture, computer hardware, and accessories. We invite you to see how our common sense approach to employee education and “work style” training, coupled with the basics of workstation layout and design, can help your office staff adapt to those technology changes.

This seminar is taught through lecture and demonstration. Attendees will analyze sample office workstations and familiarize themselves with:

  • The definition and description of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD’s)
  • Primary and Secondary Ergonomic Risk Factors
  • Office Ergonomic Equipment and Options

Upon completion of the Office Ergonomic seminar, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify ergonomic risk factors inherent to the office setting
  • Provide both engineering and administrative ergonomic controls to reduce or eliminate the identified risk factor
  • Provide education and training in proper workstation layout and design, including: monitor and documents, keyboard and mouse use, types of chairs and seating adjustments, lighting, and accessories

This seminar will benefit anyone looking to gain a better understanding of how ergonomics can improve the comfort and efficiency in the office environment.

Suggested attendees include office managers, human resource personnel, in-service coordinators, safety committee members, and other staff directly involved with purchasing, training or safety.

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