The objective of this training seminar is to provide employers with the background and theory for developing and implementing a Respiratory Protection Program. Attendees will understand what is involved in complying with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Respiratory Protection Standard, 1910.134. Participants will learn who is covered by the act and the general requirements of the act.

Topics include:

  • Respiratory Standard, 1910.134
  • Respiratory selection, care, inspection, use, and storage
  • Medical evaluations and Appendix D
  • Fit Testing
  • Training of employees

Different forms of respiratory protection devices will be reviewed as well as different levels of protection offered by the devices, evaluating employee exposure levels, and more.

This seminar is designed for companies that: Currently have employees wearing respiratory protection devices, may require the use of respirators by employees in the future or unsure whether or not employees should be wearing respiratory protection devices.

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