Retain Your Employees with a Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work Program

Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work Program is a Win-Win situation for both employers and their employees. Employers retain their most valuable resource: their employees with business knowledge and experience. Injured workers stay engaged with their workplace through transitional or modified duty based on medical opinion and within the medical restrictions until he or she is able to return to the customary occupation. If modified duty tasks are available, injury-related expenses are dramatically reduced and a worker’s productive work routine becomes part of his or her therapy, which allows for a faster and healthier recovery.

Beacon Mutual’s SAW-RTW Team is dedicated to assisting policyholders develop their own unique program to include the development and implementation of best practices for transitional employment for injured workers. Studies show that the longer a worker stays out of work, the greater the chances of never returning to work.

All companies, large or small, are encouraged to attend and should send a representative that may be involved with the development of a program at your facility.

Topics covered will include:

  • Why is it important to have a return-to-work program?
  • What are the benefits of a return-to-work program?
  • What is the difference between a return-to-work policy and a program?
  • Steps in establishing a program
  • Modified duty vs transitional duty
  • How to develop functional job descriptions

The development and implementation of best practices for a Stay at Work/Return to Work Program is intended for company owners, safety personnel, and human resource staff as well as managers and supervisors.

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