The Beacon Mutual loss prevention procedure may include an "audit" of your worksite evaluation (WSE) forms, training documentation, and accident investigation records as needed. Our partnership is based on the temporary employment agency as active participant and cooperation with the following documents:

Accident Investigation

Beacon requires temporary employment agencies to conduct and document accident investigations for all claims. Reasons to investigate a workplace accident include:

  • Investigation of cause
  • Prevention of similar accidents in the future
  • Fulfillment of any legal requirements
  • Determination of cost
  • Compliance with applicable safety regulations
  • Processing workers' compensation claims

Click here to download a Sample Accident Report


Safety and Job Training Documentation

Beacon requires temporary employment agencies to retain safety and functional job training documentation that certifies all employees are specifically trained for the positions in which they are placed. Such documentation would include instructor name, topic, date, and employee signature.

Click here to download a Sample Training Form.


Worksite Evaluations

Beacon requires temporary employment agencies and employee leasing companies to complete a worksite evaluation (WSE) form for all client companies prior to placement of employees.

Click here to download the Worksite Evaluation Form

Click here to download the Supplemental Application Questionaire