What information is needed to submit a temporary employment agency or employee leasing company to Beacon?
  • Fully completed and signed Workers Compensation Acord 130 application
  • Fully completed and signed Beacon Supplemental Application for Temporary Employment Agencies/Employee Leasing Companies (Please refer to the ‘Forms’ section of our website)
  • Full names and physical addresses of all Rhode Island client companies that the temporary employment agency/leasing company does business with
  • A copy of the executed contract between the temp agency/leasing company and each Rhode Island client company
  • Most recent experience modification worksheet
  • Recently valued, hard copy prior carrier loss runs for the past four years
  • Proof of coverage for all other states in which the temporary employment agency or employee leasing company may place employees
Are there additional requirements for a temporary employment agency or employee leasing company that does not have a physical location in Rhode Island?

Beacon Mutual has additional underwriting requirements pertaining to all out-of-state employers requesting Rhode Island coverage. If the temporary employment agency or employee leasing company for whom coverage is being sought does not have a physical location within the state of Rhode Island, please view our Guidelines for Out-of-State Employers. The “Out-of-State Employer” application requirements are in addition to Beacon’s standard temporary employment agency/employee leasing company application requirements.

What happens after I submit my application for a temporary employment agency or employee leasing company?

The underwriter will review your application for completeness, and may request additional information or clarification prior to providing you with a quotation. A preliminary audit or loss control survey may also be required prior to quoting. Once we provide you with a quotation, a premium deposit (and any additional information as noted on the quotation letter) will need to be received one day prior to the requested coverage effective date. Please refer to the Temporary Employment Agency Requirements for Beacon Mutual’s requirements pertaining to temporary employment agencies and employee leasing companies once coverage is bound.

Temporary workers don't fall under my workers' compensation policy. Why do they need safety training?

If directly supervised by your company, injuries have to be reported on your OSHA 300 log. You are required to have a safe workplace free of any recognized hazards that may cause injury to any worker on your premises.

Who is responsible for training temporary employees? Who is responsible for providing temporary employees with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

The client company is responsible for the safety of every employee working at their facility, regular staff or temporary employee. The client company is responsible for the training and issuance of the appropriate PPE.

Should I include temporary employees in a new hire orientation when they arrive at my place of business?

Yes. Especially highlighting fire safety, how to exit the building and where the primary and secondary exits are located.

Do temporary employees need Right-to-Know information?

Yes. For those who are not coming in direct contact with chemicals at the location, knowledge of the location of the Material Safety Data Sheets would suffice. For those employees coming in direct contact with chemicals, they should receive the same training given to your employees for Right-to-Know.